Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Junebug Productions is the organizational successor to the Free Southern Theater (FST), which was founded in 1963 as an instrument of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Junebug Productions' mission is to create and present theater which supports and encourages those who work to end oppression and exploitation of African Americans in the black belt south and other oppressed people throughout the world. 

In 1980, when FST concluded, FST member John O'Neal organized Junebug Productions, Inc. to continue the work of FST in the Post-Civil Rights Movement era. Junebug's major programs included local community-based art programs and presentations of its repertoire; national touring and educational residencies; and the ColorLine Project, a long-term community-based story collecting project about the Civil Rights Movement and current racial issues around the country. 

The Junebug touring repertory included Don't Start Me to Talking or I'll Tell Everything I Know: Sayings from the Life and Writings of Junebug Jabbo Jones (1980); You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover: Sayings From the Life and Writings of Junebug Jabbo Jones, Volume II (1985); and Ain't No Use in Goin' Home, Jodies's Got Your Gal and Gone (1987).

Junebug Productions collaborated with Holden Arts and Associates and with numerous theater companies to create and tour intercultural plays and community residencies.  

John O'Neal served as Junebug Production's Artistic Director until his retirement in 2011. The company now produces artistic projects and community cultural development programs.

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