Open Windows - An American Festival of Music, Theater, and Dance

Open Windows documents the celebrations of cultural diversity and community which took place in eastern Kentucky and southwest Virginia in 1988. The program includes excerpts of performances by the New Orleans-based Junebug Productions; the modern/traditional African dance company Urban Bush Women, including performances by Jawowe Willa Jo ZollarTiye Giraud, and Edwine Lee Tyler; Roadside Theater, a theater company rooted in Appalachian folk culture and history; Appalachian African-American gospel singer Earl Gilmore; Liz Lerman and the Dance Exchange, a company whose members range in age from 23 to 70; A Traveling Jewish Theatre of San Francisco; and Francisco Gonzalez, a Chicano traditional harp player, guitarist, and singer. Included are scenes from the school and community workshops that are part of the festival's philosophy of participation and celebration of local cultures. Directed by Anne Lewis. This video can be purchased here through Appalshop.


"An antidote to the contemporary right wing fear of creeping multiculturalism....A fine job of showing what happens when we open the windows separating the different worlds of America." - Video Rating Guide for Libraries

"Those libraries seeking cross-cultural music, dance, and theatrical performance will find Open Windows useful." - School Library Journal

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