Bringing different, even conflicting, points of view together to address domestic violence.

Donna Porterfield
Donna Porterfield
Middle-aged Woman
Young Woman
Reader 1
Reader 2
Reader 3
Reader 4
Nancy Brock, Script Contributor
Scott Mullins, Original Music Composition
Ron Short, Original Music Composition

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Participant Responses & Reflections

Response from a judge
"I‘ve often considered these women’s complaints trivial. I didn’t understand how it (domestic violence) starts and how it escalates. I’ll have to be more careful weeding out the trivial from the substantial."
Response from Nancy Brock
"Once I got started in the play I enjoyed it, even though I thought I was going to have a heart attack in the beginning."
Response from a police officer
"My father was violent and beat my mother regularly. I never understood how she could leave me there with him when I was only four. Now I see she knew he would kill her and was afraid I would see it. If she had taken me, he would have hunted her down. Either way, I would have lost her. "