Performance of "Promise of a Love Song"

Promise of a Love Song, a collaboration with Junebug Productions and Pregones Theater -- New Orleans, The Bronx, and the Cumberland Plateau meet on the subject of love.

BETSY! The Concert tells the story of a night club performer uncovering secrets of her maternal family's history and twin Spanish-Caribbean/Scots-Irish-Appalachian roots.

The Concert premiered on August 11th at the Appalshop Theater in...

Christmas in Appalachia is about taking the time to get re-acquainted with ourselves, our family, our friends, and our community.

On the Road

Roadside Theater makes: Original Appalachian Plays; Inter-Cultural Collaborative Plays; and Plays that Incorporate Professional, Folk, and Amateur Artists

New Ground Revival, a musical play with 28 songs and featuring the Mullins Family Singers of Dickenson County, Virginia

Leaving Egypt tells the story of an Appalachian family facing the loss of their ancestral homeplace circa 1969.

South of the Mountain traces the lives of two generations of an Appalachian family living on a small farm as agrarian life gives way to coal mining and industrialization.

Pretty Polly

Pretty Polly, Roadside's first musical play, created musical compositions and harmony singing that became hallmarks of the ensemble's performances.

Mountain Tales & Music

Mountain Tales & Music, an energetic performance of traditional tales and songs from the Appalachian Mountains.

A 30-year cultural exchange, performance, playwriting, and national touring collaboration between Junebug Productions of New Orleans, Theresa Holden of Austin, and Roadside Theater  

Bringing different, even conflicting, points of view together to address domestic violence.

1000 Kites

This play’s true stories come from prisoners, corrections officers, and their respective families; and from people living in communities where prisons are sited.

Red Fox/Second Hangin' is the true story of M.B. "Doc" Taylor, "the Red Fox" -- a red-headed, red-bearded, popular preacher, doctor, mystic, and U.S. marshall -- and the coming of the first coal boom to Central Appalachia in the 1890's.

BETSY! tells the story of a Bronx jazz singer forced to confront her twin Spanish Caribbean and Scotch-Irish roots. Her dilemma stirs up the ghosts of six generations of American women, and musical currents spanning four continents.